CopyStorm 8.37.3, 8.34.3

Release Date: 21-Mar-2107

This is a  bug fix release.

Fix a Critical Negative Number Bug Introduced in 8.37.2

CopyStorm 8.37.2 introduced a bug that caused all negative numbers to be stored as 0.0. This bug was a side effect of a faulty work-around to avoid numeric underflow when Salesforce statistics tables returned silly numbers like 3.456e10-108. To fix negative numbers that were incorrectly stored as 0.0 follow the instructions in this article using a Modified Since date of 1-Mar-2017

Allow Site and Enterprise License to Automatically Extend Licenses

By default, CopyStorm issues 30 day licenses on new Salesforce sandboxes. To make it easier for customers who want longer default licenses or licenses that extend automatically on expiration we have added optional “Customer Key Codes” into the licensing system. To get a “Customer Key Code” that supports the licensing policy your organization prefers please contact

Always Include Tables When in the Include List

If a table is in the Include Table list and also in the Exclude Table list, either explicitly or as a pattern, the table will be included in the backup.

Only Reconnect to Salesforce When a Session is Identified as Dead

Previous versions would reconnect to Salesforce on any sort of communication error, including UNEXEPTED_EXCEPTIONS from Saelsforce. This behavior introduced unnecessary delays and has been removed.