How to Export Data From An Archive

While the brave at heart will export data from the CopyStorm Archive subsystem using raw database SQL queries, most people will want some help from a GUI. If you happen to be a “brave at heart database person” then jump to the article on CopyStorm Archive Data Storage.

For the Rest of Us…

The CopyStorm Archive Explorer tool is designed to find and export data from a CopyStorm Archive. The tool is launched using a hyperlink next to the archive of interest in the CopyStorm GUI.

For this tutorial we will:

  • Launch the Archive Explorer
  • Search for Contacts in an archive that have an edu email domain and whose first name is Jack, Andy, or Tim.
  • Export the found contacts to a CSV file.

Launch the Archive Explorer

Select an Archive

Select a Table and Fields

Build a Query and Preview Results

Export Records to a CSV File

For Additional Help

See the following articles for additional help.