How to Set Application Initialization Options


Note: This feature is available in Capstorm application versions 10.56.6 and above.

Capstorm applications allows you to add supplementary Java options. These options serve to dynamically alter the operational parameters of the application prior to its initiation. One frequent utilization, which serves as an example throughout this article, is the facilitation of user-driven control over memory allocation for any of Capstorm’s applications. This capability gives users the control to finely calibrate the memory resources dedicated to the operation of Capstorm’s  applications.

Configuration File Creation and Placement

Note: Application must be restarted for these configuration files to be applied.

Step 1 – File Creation and initial template setup:
  1. First create a XML file named “AppLoader.xml”

Step 2 – File Placement:

Two recommended placement options:

  • Option 2: Inside of one of Capstorm’s application installation directory there should be a directory called “config”. You can also place this configuration file in the “config” directory.

How to Customize Application Memory

Note: For versions older than 10.56.6 please visit: on how to configure memory settings.

  • Once you have completed “Configuration File Creation and Placement” steps you can simply copy the snippet below into the AppLoader.xml configuration file.
  • The example below shows how to set the min and max memory allocations to 300 and 1000 megabytes, respectively.
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How to Add Custom Java Properties

The AppLoader also allows for custom Java Properties. Below is an example of setting the HTTPS Protocols to TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2.

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