CopyStorm 10.52.2

Release Date: 07-Jun-2021

This is a major feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

07-Jun-2021 Original Release
12-Jul-2021 Fix CSV Exporting Issue

Upgrade to the Summer ’21 Salesforce API

CopyStorm has been upgraded to support Salesforce’s Summer ’21 API.

Add BigObject Backup Support

When enabled, CopyStorm can now automatically replicate schema and data within Salesforce BigObjects. If enabled for your installation, BigObjects will be automatically replicated to the database just like standard and custom objects.

Add automatic SFDX Scratch Org creation

When using CopyStorm’s SFDX authentication feature, CopyStorm can now automatically create scratch orgs.

Add ‘Notes’ Tab

CopyStorm now contains a ‘Notes’ tab that saves configuration notes to the CopyStorm configuration file.