CopyStorm 9.49.1

Release Date: 21-Jul-2020

This is a  minor feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

21-Jul-20 Original Release
22-Jul-20 Fix issue with Email templates backup (a database which took less than 1ms for two transactions was required)
15-Sep-20 Work around a new Salesforce HTTP 414 return code using the REST API. (HTTP 414 means the requested URL was longer than the server will accept — this looks like an internal problem within Salesforce).

Upgrade to Salesforce Summer’20 API

Salesforce Summer’20 API went GA last weekend and this CopyStorm version is using it!  There are two things you may notice:

  • Salesforce added quite a few new tables in Summer’20.
  • Nearly all Salesforce History tables have a new column call DataType. CopyStorm will automatically add this column to your existing history tables and begin to populate it.

Retention Policy for Metadata

CopyStorm now supports a data retention policy for backed up metadata. You can specific how many days to keep backed up metadata before deleting it from the database. The default policy is to never delete backed up metadata.

Add SQL/Server Sparse Column Support

CopyStorm will support SQL/Server tables with more than 1024 columns by automatically converting excess columns into SQL/Server sparse columns. Sparse columns support up to 30,000 total column in a single table.

The Archive Editor UI Has Been Refactored

In preparation for major new features in the Fall 2020 archive subsystem, the archive editor has been refactored to support archive policies with more extensive parameterization.