How Do I Create Salesforce Table Views?

Salesforce has a handful of tables that are almost certainly implemented as database Views internally within Salesforce. Some of the views are quite odd:

  • The ActivityHistory table combines data from the  Task and Event table BUT cannot be queried directly using Salesforce APIs.

Though most Salesforce table views can be read directly, representing them as a view in the Salesforce backup database rather than including them as tables in the Salesforce data backup speeds up CopyStorm backup jobs and reduces the size of database files.

The following table contains links to SQL that can be used to create database views in your CopyStorm Salesforce backup that will mimic the corresponding Salesforce table views:

Salesforce Table Name View Name Link to CREATE VIEW SQL
ActivityHistory ActivityHistoryView ActivityHistory.sql
AccountUserTerritory2View AccountUserTerritory2View AccountUserTerritory2View.sql

After creating the corresponding database view you will no longer need to include the table in your Salesforce backup, speeding up backup time and reducing storage costs.