Refresh Snapshot Statistics

Like most database systems, the CopyStorm Snapshot system will operate most efficiently when its has statistics about what is stored in snapshots. Example:

  • If CopyStorm knows what tables have been snapshot by a policy then it can limit searches to just these tables.
  • If CopyStorm knows how may records are in a snapshot it can generated more efficient SQL queries.

For the most part, CopyStorm Snapshot updates statistics without any user intervention. This page, however, describes how to force CopyStorm Snapshot to update statistics if the most accurate statistics possible are desired or if the statistics have been corrupted. Note: it is unlikely that you will ever need this feature.

The Update Statistics feature is accessed from the right-click context menu on the CopyStorm Snapshot tab.

In the Refresh Statistics dialog there is the option to refresh statistics for a single snapshot or for all snapshots in the system. The following image illustrates what the screen may look like after refreshing statistics for a single snapshot.