The Guardrails Tab is used to limit the potential impact of individual CopyStorm runtimes and to ensure that CopyStorm jobs do not interfere with other operations.

Parameter Name Default Setting Required Description
API Call Limit Blank No Limits the maximum number of transactions (queries) to send to Salesforce. This option can help avoid exceeding your organizational limit for transactions per 24-hour period. CopyStorm will stop when this value is exceeded. Usually this parameter is only set for the initial load of the CopyStorm database.
Maximum Runtime Blank No The maximum number of minutes CopyStorm will run before gracefully shutting down. Leave this blank to disable the time limit.
Production Database Protection Checked No If Checked, CopyStorm will not allow a production Salesforce database to be overwritten by another Salesforce’s data.
Schema Only Backup Unchecked No If Checked, CopyStorm will back up the Salesforce schema, but Salesforce data will not be included. This option is typically used during Salesforce migrations.