CopyStorm 10.59.1

Release Date: 17-Apr-2024

This is a  feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

17-Apr-2024 Original Release

Salesforce API Update

This release updates CopyStorm to use Salesforce API version 59.

Off-Database Partitions

This release introduces support for moving CopyStorm data partitions off of the main database and into a local OS Folder or S3 Bucket. With this feature, you are able to move large fields out of the database to minimize database storage use. For example, the following fields typically require the majority of database storage and could be moved to a less costly storage location:

  • Attachment.Body
  • ContentVersion.VersionData

Schema Upgrade Prompt

With this release, CopyStorm introduces a configuration option “Automatic Schema Upgrades” to configure approval for CopyStorm-internal schema upgrades. If the “Automatic Schema Upgrades” checkbox is not checked, then CopyStorm will not upgrade CopyStorm-internal tables (e.g. CopyForceTable, CopyForceTableField) without user authorization.

Schema changes are displayed, along with descriptions and the SQL used to implement the schema change.

Metadata Backup Speed Improvements

CopyStorm has been updated to support a much higher level of parallelism when querying for Salesforce Metadata – and a new parameter “# Metadata Threads” has been added to the “Configuration” tab.

Bug Fixes and Misc Improvements

  • Long Table Name Support.
    • This release updates CopyStorm to support very long Salesforce table names – i.e. table names far longer than the maximum. This allows support for managed packages whose combined prefix, table name, and postfix (e.g. “__History”) are longer than 64 characters.
  • Snowflake Replication Speed.
    • CopyStorm’s process to determine whether Snowflake records are inserts or updates has been optimized to increase replication throughput.
  • Snowflake Duplicate Record Issue.
    • An issue that could cause records to be duplicated in Snowflake replication has been resolved.
  • Base64 File Download Improvements.
    • The CopyStorm Base64 File Download system has been updated to accommodate transient failures by retrying failed downloads multiple times.
  • Base64 Chunking File Deletion.
    • An issue where the “Base64 Chunking” option would cause temporary Base64 files to not be cleaned up has been resolved.
  • Field History Exception Fix.
    • An issue causing CopyStorm’s Field History feature to report an error and fail to record changes when the only detected changes are to system audit fields has been resolved.
  • Database Storage Logging Changes.
    • An issue causing the “Log Table Sizes” option to log an incorrect value for the final table size has been resolved.
    • The “Log Table Sizes” parameter has also been updated to default-off (changed from default-on).
  • Auto-Cancel on Salesforce Reconnect.
    • CopyStorm has been updated to automatically cancel the job when Salesforce becomes unreachable or the user is locked out while the job is running.
  • History Viewer Fix.
    • An issue causing the job log viewer to display an error for CopyStorm history records with no recorded start time has been resolved.