CopyStorm 9.48.2

Release Date: 04-Jun-20

This is a  minor feature and bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

04-Jun-20 Original Release
14-Jul-20 Patch around Summer’20 API bug which lets the field .*History.DataType bleed thru to older API versions.
Add automatic support SQL/Server Sparse columns to allow more than 1024 columns in a table.


  • Replace the White and Black list editors with direct support for adding regular expressions.
  • Add the username to login errors.
  • Check for the existence of a schema and report if it is missing (early — before the backup starts)
  • Add option to create field indexes before table population.
  • Add much better help when a license file cannot be written because of file permissions.

Bug Fixes

  • Change SharingRules backup to not rely totally on LastModifiedDate. Salesforce changes this date even when the rule definition has not changed.
  • Reduce the overhead for creating definitions for Feed views.
  • Code around a REST API feature which prevents base64 columns in the recycle bin from being read.
  • Upgrade the logic which determines when to bail out because of errors to be more graceful.