CopyStorm/Medic 10.56.7

Release Date: 15-Sept-2023

This is a  minor feature and bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Medic configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

15-Sept-2023 Original Release

Add new CopyStorm/Medic tool “Export Files”

This release introduces the “Export Base64 Objects to File System” CopyStorm/Medic tool. This tool allows you to export Files and Attachments from the CopyStorm database, CopyStorm Base-64 Chunking system, CopyStorm snapshots, or CS:Govern database to the local filesystem as regular files.

This tool makes it easy to get your Salesforce files out of the CopyStorm database and onto your computer for easy viewing or editing.

Oracle Performance Improvements

Improve runtime and reduce memory requirements of Oracle queries for all CopyStorm/Medic tools.