The Logging Configuration Editor is used to configure CopyStorm logs that are written to the database, STDOUT / STDERR, or using the Apache Commons Logging framework.

Parameter Name Default Setting Required Description
Database Logs in UTC Unchecked No If checked, timestamps recorded in CopyStorm’s job tracking log tables will be in UTC rather than local time.
Log Format Full No This option controls the amount of detail sent to the CopyStorm log file. Options include:

  • Compact: Display a single line of text for each table that has copy activity.
  • Summary: Display a single line for each table processed (even if no records were copied).
  • Full: Display a verbose amount of logging information.
  • Debug: Display everything Full displays, plus additional debugging information.
Use Apache Logging Unchecked No If checked, logging will be performed with the Apache Commons Logging framework. By default, Log4j will be used.
Debug Mode Unchecked No If checked, CopyStorm will output logging messages to the debug console (normally hidden).
Silent Mode Unchecked No If checked, when running in batch mode, CopyStorm will only display errors to stderr and will not display debug or informational messages.