How to Login to Salesforce With an Authenticator

To connect to Salesforce using a Time-Base One-Time-Pad (TOTP) Authenticator code, CopyStorm can be configured with:

  1. A TOTP Authenticator App Code.
  2. The username and password for the Salesforce instance.

Enabling TOTP Authentication in CopyStorm

TOTP authentication can be enabled in CopyStorm by selecting the “One-Time Password Authenticator” credential type:

Enabling TOTP Authentication in Salesforce

To configure a TOTP Security Key in Salesforce:

  1. Open the User Details page.
  2. Click on the link to Connect a One-Time Password Authenticator.
  3. Select “I Can’t Scan the QR Code”.
  4. Copy the Key into CopyStorm.
  5. Generate a Code in CopyStorm and paste it into Salesforce.
  6. Click on the “Connect” button in Salesforce to complete the connection.
  7. Save the CopyStorm Configuration File.