Customer Key File Management

Capstorm customers may be issued a unique Customer Key. The purpose of a Customer Key is to uniquely identify a customer to the Capstorm licensing system so the licensing system can implement policies unique to a customer.

For example:

  • Company “A” wants CopyStorm/Restore sandbox licenses to be for 6 months rather than the 30 day default.
  • Company “B” wants to automatically be billed for any new production licenses once they have been used for 30 days and wants licenses to be automatically extended.

These, and other unique licensing policies, are available to a customer once Capstorm provides them with a customer key.

Obtaining and Installing a Customer Key

The only way to acquire a customer key is to contact They will provide you with a customer key contained in a file named:

  • CapstormCustomerKey.txt

You have a number of choices when choosing where to install the customer key file:

Option 1: Capstorm Product Directory

  • If the customer key file is stored in the root directory of any Capstorm application, the application will find it and use it when talking to the Capstorm license server.
  • For example, if CopyStorm is installed at “/opt/Capstorm/CopyStorm”, the key file can be stored at:
    • /opt/Capstorm/CopyStorm/CapstormCustomerKey.txt

Option 2: A Directory At the Same Level as Capstorm Products

  • If you have followed best practices and installed your Capstorm products in a directory structure like:
    • /opt/Capstorm/CopyStorm/
    • /opt/Capstorm/CopyStormRestore/
    • /opt/Capstorm/CopyStormMedic/
    • /opt/Capstorm/CapstormConfig/
  • The key file can be stored at:
    • /opt/Capstorm/CapstormConfig/CapstormCustomerKey.txt
  • Once installed, all Capstorm applications will find it and use it.

Option 3: User Home Directory

  • If you are using a consulting licensing schema, put the key file in your home directory and it will be found and used.