CopyStorm 10.56.6

Release Date: 31-July-2023

This is a minor feature and bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

31-July-2023 Original Release

Add Certificate Approval Feature

CopyStorm has been updated with a new feature to approve and use local network certificates for sites where local network traffic is being encrypted using a local custom certificate. Once custom certificates are accepted, CopyStorm will trust the accepted certificates for HTTPS network traffic.

Make Attachment Virus Scanning Errors Non-Blocking

When replicating Attachment and ContentVersion records from Salesforce – if the Attachment or ContentVersion record contains a potentially dangerous file that is flagged by the CopyStorm server’s virus scanner – the potentially dangerous file will be logged by CopyStorm. After logging the file details, CopyStorm will continue replicating other Attachment and ContentVersion records until the backup has completed.

If an Attachment or ContentVersion is logged as potentially dangerous, the file details will be available in the Skipped Record Log Explorer.

SQL/Server Feature Update

CopyStorm replication to Microsoft SQL/Server has been updated with a number of additional configuration options:

  • Reference field values may be sent to the database as either String values or as byte[] values.
  • Database tables are now automatically reindexed based on index fragmentation.

Add Configuration File for Additional Java Parameters

A new XML configuration file may be used to add additional parameters to the Java runtime used to launch CopyStorm – this allows additional parameters (e.g. “-Xmx”) to be added outside of the CopyStorm launch script.

Resolve SQL/Server issue with Java 17

CopyStorm has been updated to resolve a Windows-specific issue with SQL/Server integrated security connections in Java 17.