How Do I Upgrade CopyStorm?

Upgrading CopyStorm can be a simple task if you follow one rule:

  • Do not store site specific customizations or configuration files in the CopyStorm distribution directory.

If you have set up your Capstorm software by following our Best Practice Guide, you should be ready to continue with the upgrade. If you have included site specific files in the CopyStorm distribution directory then move them into their own directory before starting the upgrade.

To upgrade a CopyStorm installation:

  • Download the latest CopyStorm release from
  • Rename the existing CopyStorm root directory to a new name.
  • Unzip the CopyStorm distribution archive.
  • Move the unzipped CopyStorm directory to the same location as your previous CopyStorm installation.
  • Copy any site-specific configuration files from the previous installation directory to the newly moved installation directory.

You’re finished! CopyStorm distributions have always been backwards compatible with configuration files from previous versions so there is nothing else to change.

WARNING: DO NOT unzip a CopyStorm distribution over an existing installation of CopyStorm.