How to Convert to Database Views

If your CopyStorm database was created before Database Views were introduced then are likely many database tables in your backup that could be represented as database views instead. For safety, CopyStorm will not convert an existing table to a view UNLESS you follow the instructions in this article.

The DBA Approach

The technique to force CopyStorm to switch to a database view for a table is simple:

  • Manually drop the table in the CopyStorm database that should be a view. The next time CopyStorm runs it will create the view.

For example:

  • DROP TABLE AccountFeed
  • DROP TABLE ActivityHistory

will cause CopyStorm to recreate AccountFeed and ActivityHistory to views the next time CopyStorm runs.

The Non-DBA Approach

The CopyStorm/Medic Table Editor tool provides a simple GUI for dropping tables from a CopyStorm database.

What Tables Can Be Converted To Database Views?

  • All tables ending with Feed. Examples:
    • AccountFeed
    • MyCustomObject__Feed
  • ActivityHistory
  • AccountUserTerritory2View