The CopyStorm Archive tab is the launch point for creating, editing, using, and exploring CopyStorm archives. A CopyStorm Archive is a database store containing tamper-proof snapshots of records from any Salesforce table where the snap-shots are taken based upon rules specified by a user.

CopyStorm Archives can be used to store many types of data.

  • An Archive can be used to create a unlimited duration recycle bin or a recycle bin where data retention policies vary by table.
  • An Archive can be used to permanently save a copy of Salesforce records on demand.
  • An Archive can be used to track all versions of critical Salesforce records.

Each CopyStorm Archive has policies which determine which table and which records should be archived. Like the core CopyStorm backup process, Archive policies can be applied automatically as a regular part of a backup or can be applied on demand.

The CopyStorm Archive GUI

The CopyStorm Archive tab lists all currently defined archives, can be used to create a new archive, and is the launch point for most Archive operations including:

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