What are the Minimum CopyStorm Salesforce Backup Permissions?

The minimum Salesforce backup permissions needed for CopyStorm to copy data from Salesforce to a database are:

  • API Enabled
  • View Setup and Configuration

Almost all of the time, the following permissions should be granted:

  • View All Data — this permission bypasses sharing rules and often increases performance.
  • Read Encrypted Data — this permissions returns the plain text value for encrypted fields.
  • Query All Files — this permission allows files in private folders to be read.
  • Knowledge User — this license allows draft knowledge articles to be read.

There are also several tables that have a restricted syntax, and will not be backed up unless the Salesforce user is an administrator. These tables include:

  • NewsFeed
  • EntitySubscription

If the source Salesforce instance uses Chatter, or has the Chatter setting “Enable Unlisted Groups” feature enabled, the following permissions should be granted:

  • Manage Unlisted Groups — this permission bypasses Unlisted Groups access checks for Feed records.

A Wrong Assumption

Many people assume that a Salesforce Administrator automatically has permission to access all data. Wrong!  Even some core Salesforce tables and fields are hidden from administrators by default. Fortunately, the CopyStorm/Medic Permission Checker tool will find all tables and fields inaccessible for any Salesforce user with the permissions API Enabled and View Setup and Configuration.