SQL Predicate Archive Filter Rule

A SQL Predicate Filter Rule is useful when other filtering techniques are insufficient and it is possible to write a database SQL fragment to identify records that match an archive policy. It is rare to need this filter rule because filtering can typically be accomplished using the graphical Column Expression Filter Rule.

A SQL Predicate Filter Rule has a single configuration parameter: a fragment of database specific SQL will be added to the WHERE clause of a SQL statement generated by CopyStorm. Example:

  • SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Id IN (…) AND (configuration parameter from SQL Predicate Filter)

If the argument to a SQL Predicate Filter Rule was “RecordAge__c>46 OR alwaysArchive__c=1” then SQL statements generated by CopyStorm would look like:

  • SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Id IN (…) AND (RecordAge__c>46 OR alwaysArchive__c=1)

A SQL Predicate Filter Rule also includes a rule for which tables to include in the archive.