SQL Predicate Snapshot Filter Rule

A SQL Predicate Filter Rule is useful when other filtering techniques are insufficient and it is possible to write a database SQL fragment to identify records that match a snapshot policy. It is rare to need this filter rule because filtering can typically be accomplished using the graphical Column Expression Filter Rule.

A SQL Predicate Filter Rule has a single configuration parameter: a fragment of database specific SQL will be added to the WHERE clause of a SQL statement generated by CopyStorm. Example:

  • SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Id IN (…) AND (configuration parameter from SQL Predicate Filter)

If the argument to a SQL Predicate Filter Rule was “RecordAge__c>46 OR alwaysSnapshot__c=1” then SQL statements generated by CopyStorm would look like:

  • SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Id IN (…) AND (RecordAge__c>46 OR alwaysSnapshot__c=1)

A SQL Predicate Filter Rule also includes a rule for which tables to include in the snapshot.