CopyStorm/Director is designed to simplify the managment of CopyStorm for organizations with many Salesforce instances. The simplification is gained by centralization of:

  • CopyStorm job scheduling.
  • CopyStorm status monitoring and reporting.
  • CopyStorm log organization and archival.

For example, the following diagram illustrates a company with three Salesforce instances (Autos, Motorcycles, and Boats) with multiple CopyStorm jobs running against each instance:

With CopyStorm/Director:

  • Job Scheduling is managed in a central GUI.
  • A single scheduled system job, CopyStormJobRunner, manages all CopyStorm related jobs — for all Salesforce instances.
  • Historical CopyStorm job status is managed in a single documented relational database of your choice.

Though CopyStorm/Director can manage CopyStorm for a single Salesforce instance, it also scales to 100s of instances.