Select Database

When CopyStorm/Director is launched it will always require credentials for its corresponding database.

  • CopyStorm/Director will automatically remember the most recently used credentials for the current user.
  • The most recently used credentials are encrypted and stored in the file $HOME/.capstorm/
    • Encryption is performed using DES-256 with an unpublished secret key.
    • A typical encrypted database credential token looks like:
      • “>+XivzBaVHtPWN7wuBWQS454c2rWv76pk2+fMILleNtVCWK+++exzHk7CkrM1RfgXTLiXAGM15RR674Xy5+jEZQtzHrgxllFX8wx25FbQr7iH0tmcWAGghiYpnRe+7VIS

There are no special setup requirements for the database except that the corresponding user:

  • Must be able to create/alter tables and views.
  • Must be able to insert/update/delete/select from any table/view created.

CopyStorm/Director automatically creates the necessary schema if it is missing.

After entering credentials, click on the “Select” button to connect to the CopyStorm/Director database and launch the configuration editor: