CopyStorm/Director is designed to simplify the management of CopyStorm when an organization has many Salesforce instances:

By managing jobs in a central database, CopyStorm/Director provides solutions to several different problems faced by organizations with many Salesforce instances:

  • A single scheduled program (CopyStorm/JobRunner) can be used to launch all CopyStorm jobs.
    • This reduces the complexity of CRON (Linux/Mac) and Windows Scheduler setup and maintenance.
  • CopyStorm/Director prevents duplicate jobs from running at the same time.
  • Log files from CopyStorm jobs are kept in a central database rather than a difficult to maintain file directory structure.
  • CopyStorm/Director automatically analyzes log files and provides reports on jobs that experienced problems.
  • When operators reboot a system, jobs that were in progress are automatically restarted after the reboot is complete.
  • Different CopyStorm jobs with different purposes can be scheduled on the same Salesforce instance with no risk of job overlap.
  • Job description and history is maintained in a documented relational database, allowing third-party reporting if needed.
  • CopyStorm/Director management tasks can be accessed via either a native desktop application or a web browser.

Is Copystorm/Director worthwhile if a site has a single Salesforce instance? Yes. Time spent installing CopyStorm/Director will be paid back many times by its ability to manage and analyze log files. Not all Salesforce API hiccups are equal, and CopyStorm/Director knows which are important.

Next Steps

  • Read the Architecture Overview guide to become familiar with the core components of CopyStorm/Director.
  • Read the Getting Started articles. They will guide you through the installation and setup of CopyStorm/Director.