CopyStorm/Director 2.37.5

Release Date: 16-Dec-2016

This is a feature and minor  bug fix release.

Patch Levels

16-Dec-2016 Original Release
15-Dec-2017 Add Java 9 support for adjusting to high DPI displays. Add a couple of indexes to the control tables.

Add a Dynamic Dashboard to the Web Browser Administrator Tools

The web browser based tools now include a dashboard which dynamically monitors and shows the progress of all active CopyStorm/Director jobs.

Support Storing the CopyStorm/Director Metadata in a non-Default Schema

Previous releases required the CopyStorm/Director Metadata to be in the default schema.

Avoid Passing Credentials to Subprocesses When the “Default” Credential Location is Specified

Previous releases would always pass encrypted credentials on the command line even when a task was set up to use the credentials in the CopyStorm configuration file. This would cause a hard to diagnose error if the encrypted credentials in the database did not match the credentials in the configuration file.

Fix a Screen Repaint Issue when Creating a New Task

Previous releases would not fully paint a new task on the GUI task editor when it was the new task (a window resize event was needed).  This bug is fixed.

In the Job Finder Add a Visual Cue for Inactive and Deleted Jobs

Jobs that are marked as inactive or deleted now are indicated by a status of “Inactive” (or “Deleted”) with a gray background.

Add a Feature to Reload Configuration Data Without Restarting CopyStorm/Director

The Global Configuration tab has a new button, Reload Configuration Data, that will rescan the configuration directory for changes (e.g. new or removed configuration files).

Add a Feature to Start CopyStorm or CopyStorm/Medic Without a Defined Job

Controls have been added to the bottom of the Find Jobs tab for launching CopyStorm or CopyStorm/Medic.

Avoid a “CMD” Window When the Job Runner is Launched on Windows

If the -silent flag is passed to the JobRunner.bat script then the JobRunner will not longer display a blank “CMD” window when it is running. In previous versions a blank “CMD” would display even when the JobRunner was launched via Windows Scheduler.

Make the View of Task History “Real Time”

When the log file for a task is being viewed it will now be updated to match the running log file of a task. By default, the update interval is every 10 seconds.