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The CopyStormTaskLog table contains a record for each time a CopyStormTask has been executed. This table can be used to determine:

  • The success or failure status of a task.
  • The current state of a task — complete or running.
  • The log file generated by the task.

Records in this table are created by the CopyStorm/JobRunner application.

The following table describes each field in the CopyStormTaskLog table:

Column Name Data Type Required Description
id integer Yes Unique identifier assigned to this record by CopyStorm/Director.
taskId integer Yes The unique id of the CopyStormTask to which this log applies.
jobId integer Yes The unique id of the CopyStormJob which owns this log.
jobType varchar Yes The kind of task which ran. Supported values include:

  • CopyStorm
  • CopyStormMedic
startTime datetime Yes The datetime at which this task was started.
endTime datetime No The datetime at which this task ended. If this value is null then the task is still running.
processId integer No The system process id of the task. CopyStorm/JobRunner uses this value to detect processes that have died without notification when a system is rebooted or the CopyStorm/JobRunner is terminated manually.
errorFree char No Indicates if the task was without errors (Y), failed (N), or is still running (null).
logFile clob No All stderr and stdout messages generated by the task.
createdDate datetime Yes The date on which this log record was created.
lastModifiedDate datetime Yes The date on which this log record was last modified.


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