The CopyStormTask table describes each CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Medic task that can be ran against its parent CopyStormJob Salesforce instance. This table also describes the schedule under which each job should be ran by CopyStorm/JobRunner.

CopyStormDirector also defines a view, CopyStormTaskView, which combines information in the CopyStormTask table with the most recently executed task (and its status).

The following table describes each field in the CopyStormTask table:

Column Name Data Type Required Description
id integer Yes A unique integer id assigned to the task by CopyStorm/Director.
jobId integer Yes The unique id of the CopyStormJob which owns this task.
jobType varchar Yes The kind of task to run. Supported values include:

  • CopyStorm
  • CopyStormMedic
family varchar Yes The high-level group name for this task. The default value for this field is “Default”.
configProfile varchar Yes The name of the configuration file used to run this task. It must be a CopyStorm or CopyStorm/Medic configuration file.
maxRunTimeMinutes integer No If specified, this task will be forcibly killed if it runs for longer than this many minutes.
scheduledMinute varchar No A list of minutes at which the task should run. There must be a value in this column for a task to be considered by CopyStorm/JobRunner.
scheduledHour varchar No A list of hours at which the task should run. If this value is blank, the task will run every hour.
scheduledDay varchar No A list of days when the task should run. If this value is blank, the task will run every day.
optionArgs varchar No Indicates which CopyStorm/Medic operation should be performed. This column is ignored for CopyStorm tasks.
jvmArgs varchar No Adds Java JVM arguments to the Java instance running the task. The most common use of this parameter is to increase Java’s maximum memory.
nextRunTime datetime No Computed by CopyStorm/JobRunner and contains the next time the task is scheduled to run.
createdDate datetime Yes The date on which this task was created.
lastModifiedDate datetime Yes The date on which this task was last modified.