CopyStorm/Director Dashboard

The CopyStorm/Director web tool includes a dashboard suitable for interactive job monitoring.

  • All active jobs are listed in the top half of the dialog, along with the status of the most recent run.
  • When a job is running, the bottom half of the dialog displays the log file generated by the job as it is running.
    • When the job completes the log file viewer disappears.
  • Above the job list are a handful of parameters controlling the display characteristics of the page, including:
    • How often the CopyStorm/Director database is polled.
    • How many running tasks are displayed per row.
    • How many rows and columns are displayed for a log file.
      • All rows/columns are accessible using a scrollbar.

In addition, the hyperlinks in the job list will open an editor for the selected job. This editor is web-based and contains a subset of the functionality of the Java-based editor.