CopyStorm/Director Web Application

The CopyStorm/Director GUI is distributed in two formats — a stand-alone Java application and a web browser application. In most situations either (or both) applications can be used to edit or view the CopyStorm/Director database and the choice of which to use is up to your organization.

  • The stand-alone Java application has a few more capabilities than the web browser application, most of which are related to its ability to stop and start local processes.
  • The primary advantage of the web application is that it can run anywhere on your network. In addition it has a dynamic dashboard suitable for near real-time monitoring of CopyStorm backups.

Setting up the web browser application is slightly more complex than the “unzip and go” approach of the Java application.

Step 1: Define a CopyStorm/Director Data Source.

The CopyStorm/Director web application uses a datasource with the resource name “jdbc/CopyStormDirector”.

The entry should look like the following example from our test servers:

<Resource name="jdbc/CopyStormDirector"
    validationQuery="SELECT 1"

Step 2: Deploy the CopyStormDirector.war File.

The CopyStorm/Director web application is packaged in a file located at:

  • [CopyStorm/Director install directory]/war/CopyStormDirector.war

There are several ways to deploy the war file. Your Apache/Tomcat administrator will know how to deploy it using your organizations standards.

Step 3: Test the Installation.

Open the URL http://my-director-install-host:8080/CopyStormDirector and you should see a screen like:

Step 4: Review the CopyStorm/Director Web Application Documentation.