How to Compare Meta Data from Two Different Backups

Since CopyStorm keeps a copy of Salesforce metadata in local database tables it is a fairly trivial task to compare metadata from multiple CopyStorm backups.

Problem 1: Compare Table and Field definitions from Two Backups

The key CopyStorm tables required to perform table and field comparisons are CopyForceTable and CopyForceTableField. These are the tables CopyStorm uses to keep the CopyStorm database structure in sync with Salesforce. Rather than bore you with details, download the following SQL script for an example of how to exhaustively search for table and field differences.

Problem: Compare Salesforce Metadata Objects from Two Backups

This solution compares elements like Apex Classes, Page Layouts, Settings, etc. from two difference CopyStorm backups.  The key table in CopyStorm is SFMetaFileProperties since this table contains the most recently backed version of each metadata type. Note that the companion table, SFMetaFilePropertiesHistory, contains historical values for each metadata type. Download the following script for an example of how to exhaustively compare metadata.

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