The Maintenance Configuration Editor is used when troubleshooting replication issues.

Parameter Name Default Setting Required Description
Modified Since Blank No If a date is specified, then only records created or modified on or after the specified date are copied. Built in relative dates are available from a pull-down menu or a fixed date can be entered. When entering a date, the interface will have a yellow background which clears when a date is recognized.

Fixed date formats are:

  • dd-MMM-yy (19-May-1984)
  • M/d/y (5/19/84)
  • dd.MM.yy (19.5.1984)
  • dd-MM-yy (19-5-84)
  • yyyyMMdd (19840519)
Modified Thru Blank No If a date is specified, only records created on or modified up to or on the specified date are copied. See format notes above.
Ignore Timestamps Unchecked No If checked, CopyStorm will retrieve records in ID order rather than timestamp order.

WARNING: unless a CopyStorm job runs to completion without errors, using this option will make subsequent incremental updates fail to fetch the proper records.

Analyze UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION Unchecked No When Salesforce returns an UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION this generally indicates that a SOQL query failed in a way the Salesforce infrastructure did not expect. When this option is checked and CopyStorm is running in GUI mode, CopyStorm will do a rather expensive analysis of the failed SOQL and attempt to determine a very small SOQL statement which exhibits the problem. The very small SOQL statement is what Salesforce support will require (even demand!).