CopyStorm 9.48.1

Release Date: 20-Feb-20

This is a  minor feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

The primary change in this release is an upgrade from the Winter’20 Salesforce API to Spring’20.  We recommend all customers install this upgrade.

Patch Levels

20-Feb-20 Original Release
24-Feb-20 Fix concurrency issue in Field History Tracking that could cause an exception in rare cases.
02-Apr-20 This a minor bug fix patch.

  • Remove unneeded warnings about image backups.
  • Fix resiliency issue with highly unreliable Salesforce connections (rare — caused the need for multiple backup runs for a table with this issue).
03-Jun-20 This a minor bug fix patch.

  • Improve bootstrap performance for each run by eliminating feed related object caching.
  • Fix a bug with backing up base64 columns in deleted records (SOAP API is required — REST will fail)
  • For PostgreSQL warn a user if the specified schema does not exists.
  • Add the username to the error message thrown by Salesforce when a login fails.
  • Add a visual indicator when a license.txt file cannot be saved because of directory permission errors.

Upgrade to the Salesforce Spring’20 API

This update brings CopyStorm up to the latest API from Salesforce.  Most sites will not even notice, but we like to keep current.

Fix a Race Condition in the Backup Parallelization Code

A wonderful customer found a condition under which the backup on a table could stop prematurely when a white list of tables was not specified, a high degree of parallelization was used, and a time out happened on two different tables under just the right circumstances.  The fix was a single line of code but a bit hard to reproduce 😉

No data was lost because subsequent backups will continue the backup of the table when the previous backup stopped prematurely.