How Does Capstorm License Management Work?

This article explains how Capstorm license management works and provides tips on diagnosing license management problems.

When a Capstorm product connects to Salesforce it also checks for a valid product license in the file “license.txt”. The “license.txt” file will be located in the same directory as the script used to launch the Capstorm product. If a license.txt file is not found or a valid non-expired license is not found in the file, the Capstorm product will issue a request to the Capstorm license service to retrieve (or generate) a license.

When issuing the license request to the Capstorm license server, the CapstormCustomerKey.txt file will be used to identify the installation. If the CapstormCustomerKey.txt file is not valid, a message indicating the issue will be shown.

If a Capstorm product fails to retrieve/generate a license it is usually because the connection is blocked by a firewall rule. Diagnosing and confirming this condition can be done using a web browser. Here’s how.

To retrieve or generate a license, a Capstorm product makes a https request in the following form:



  • salesforceOrgId is the full 18 character unique identifier of your Salesforce organization.
  • productName is the name of the product for which a license is desired.
  • productVersion is the version number of the product.

For example:


If the request is successful the license server will return a JSON string in the following form:

{“license”:{“id”:1,”ipAddress”:”″,”licenseKey”:”2520b633-13fd-4488-800e-449526035835″,”product”:”CopyStorm/MySQL”,”version”:”Test”,”sfdcOrganization”:”CAPSTORMTEST000000″,”grantDate”:”2013-08-10″,”createdDate”:”2013-08-10″,”modifiedDate”:”2014-04-02″,”lock”:”q/nI2XtrIaof6u0CdEVSe28EDxjiUUW21uB8h9mpQfE\u003d”,”note”:””,”ipOrganization”:”Capstorm”,”ipDomain”:””,”ipCity”:”Edwardsville”,”ipCountry”:”United States”,”ipRegion”:”Illinois”},”successful”:true}

Information from the JSON string will be added to the product’s license.txt file.

If a firewall is blocking access to the Capstorm license server then pasting a license request into a browser will almost always provide a meaningful message. If you receive a “Connection Refused” response then a firewall is likely blocking access to You need to tell your network administrator to open ports 80 and 443 to (

Here are a few URLs you can click on to test the connection to the license manager: