Why Are CaseMilestone Fields / Salesforce Formulas Not Updating?

CaseMilestone is an example of a Salesforce table that contains formula columns whose values may change even when other fields of a CaseMilestone record do not change. In fact, the CaseMilestone table contains both types of Salesforce formula columns difficult to include in an incremental backup:

  1. A formula field whose value changes when the value in another record (in the same table or a different table) changes.
  2. A formula field whose value is computed using the current date or time.

To identify Salesforce formulas in a Salesforce standard table look for non-reference field columns where the API does not have update access. Knowing whether a formula field value will change even when the corresponding fields in the record do not change is a bit more difficult.

Fixing The Problem

The solution to this problem is to periodically run the CopyStorm/Medic Refresh Columns tool to bring the problem formula columns back in sync with Salesforce.

Problem Salesforce Formula Fields

The following table lists Salesforce defined formula fields that are known to have the issue described above:

Table Problem Formula Fields
  • IsViolated
  • ElapsedTimeIn.*