How Does CopyStorm Provide Salesforce Backup Security?

With any backup solution an organization will want to know how their data is secured. Common questions include:

  • Where is my data stored?
  • How securely is my data transferred over the internet?
  • When and where is my data at rest?

For CopyStorm the Salesforce backup security answers are simple and complete:

  • Your Salesforce data is stored in a relational database that is created by you and is totally under your control.
    • CopyStorm neither knows nor cares where the data is stored — the database can be in your data center or in a cloud provider like Amazon.
    • The choice and level of security is entirely up to you.
  • CopyStorm runs on your computers and transfers all data from Salesforce using HTTPS.
    • All data is encrypted and the strength of the encryption is controlled by Salesforce.
  • The only time data is at rest is when it is written to your database.

Another common question is:

  • What Salesforce and database privileges are required by CopyStorm?

For Salesforce, the only absolutely required privileges are API Access and View Setup and Configuration. The Salesforce API ensures that CopyStorm always respects the privileges of the Salesforce credentials used by CopyStorm to connect. This means that CopyStorm will backup exactly what the privileged credentials would see if they were used with a web browser.

Full details are described in the Salesforce Minimum Privileges article.

For the target relational database CopyStorm needs to own a schema and does not need visibility outside of its assigned schema. No general DBA privileges are necessary.