MySQL Connection

Capstorm includes a MySQL driver from the MariaDB project to communicate with both Oracle’s MySQL product and with MariaDB.

Since MariaDB is provided by the original authors of MySQL and strives to maintain compatibility with Oracle’s MySQL, the driver packaged with CopyStorm is probably the only driver you will need. However, if you are encountering compatibility issues or other problems with MariaDB’s MySQL driver, you can download and install Oracle’s MySQL driver by hand.

CopyStorm does not package this driver with the product due to Oracle’s licensing policy for ISV’s, which makes it difficult to package the Oracle MySQL JDBC driver with a product.

How to Install Oracle’s MySQL JDBC Driver (not recommended for most cases)

To install the Oracle MySQL JDBC driver:

  • Delete the file lib/mariadb-java-client-*.jar from the CopyStorm installation directory.
  • Restart CopyStorm.
  • Choose MySQL as the database type.
  • CopyStorm will ask you if it’s OK to download and install Oracle’s JDBC driver.

If you would prefer to install Oracle’s JDBC driver by hand:

Common Problem – TCP/IP is not enabled

All MySQL JDBC drivers communicate with MySQL using TCP/IP. If CopyStorm is having trouble connecting to the MySQL database, you may not have TCP/IP enabled. If so, there are a number of resources providing instructions on enabling this feature (the manual for your version of MySQL, running a web search for “MySQL enable TCP”, etc…).

MySQL Connection String

The only complicated configuration required in the CopyStorm Main tab is the MySQL connection string. Clicking on the Connection String Builder button will open a form that will construct the connection string for you, given database information.

The connection string can be verified by pressing the “Test MySQL Connection” button.

The format of a MySQL connection string is:

  • //[host][:port]/[database-name]


  • //localhost/MyCopyStormDatabase