Database Networking

The Database Networking Configuration Editor contains networking and SQL parameters used when communicating with the CopyStorm database.

Parameter Name Default Setting Required Description
Destination Batch Size 100 No Limits the number of rows that will be written to the target database in a single batch. A smaller number minimizes memory requirements but increases run time. A larger value increases memory requirements and decreases run time.
DDL Timeout (seconds) Blank No Set the number of seconds CopyStorm will wait for a DDL operation to complete. DDL operations, like CREATE INDEX, may take considerably longer than DML operations and thus have their own timeout parameter.
# Database Buffers 10 No Sets the number of output buffers to use when running in multi-thread mode. A larger value increases memory requirements but allows Salesforce to read more records before they are written to the target database.
Rows Per Multi-Insert Blank No If specified then multiple rows will be sent to the database in a single INSERT statement. Please note that not all databases support this feature and when the database is on a local network there is unlikely to be any performance gain by enabling this feature.
Enable CSV Bulk Import Checked No If set and is supported by the database then CSV bulk imports will be used. For analytical databases like RedShift or Snowflake this option should almost always be selected.