Notifications Tab

The Notifications Tab contains parameters used to control who receives a status email when a CopyStorm job runs and under what circumstances email is sent.

Notification Parameters

Parameter Name Required Description
Email Host Yes The SMTP host used by your organization (used to send email). If you do not know this information ask your email administrator.

In the example a public server hosted by Google is used.

Email From Yes The email address that will appear in the “From” field in sent notifications. Note that many email servers allow this value to be a fake email address (e.g. “”).
Send Email To Yes Notification emails will be sent to this white space separated list of email addresses.
Subject Yes The subject line used for notification emails. Though it can be any text you want, there are a few special text values that will be replaced dynamically before a message is sent:

  • “{status}” will be replaced by “OK” or “ERROR” based on the outcome of the job.
    • If there are any exceptions encountered then “ERROR” will be substituted, otherwise “OK” will be used.
  • “{file}” will be replaced by the base name of the CopyStorm configuration file used by the job.
    • For example, the configuration file “C:\capstorm\config\myCopyStormConfig.copyStorm” will be replaced with “myCopyStormConfig.copyStorm”.
Send Notification On No Determines when CopyStorm will send a notification email:

  • Success: If checked, an email will be sent if a job works perfectly (no exceptions).
  • Exception(s): If checked, an email will be sent if a job has any exception (including non-fatal exceptions where CopyStorm recovered).
Notify When Using GUI No If checked, email notifications will be sent when CopyStorm is launched from the GUI. If not checked, email notifications will only be sent when CopyStorm runs in batch mode.
Require Encryption No If checked, CopyStorm will require that connections to the email server be encrypted with TLS.
Email Report Format Yes A list of supported formats for the notification email.
Email User No Username used to authenticate with the SMTP server.
Email Password No Password used to authenticate with the SMTP server.

How to Test Email Delivery

The “Test Email Delivery” button causes an email to be sent to the “Send Email To” recipients. If communication to the SMTP email server is successful an acknowledgement dialog will be displayed and an email will be delivered to the recipients.

If communication to the SMTP email server fails a dialog will be displayed showing the error. In this case you should show the error to your local administrator.

Test email notification:

CopyStorm Notification Reports

Under normal circumstances CopyStorm will deliver a notification email that looks like the following. Note that this data is also stored in the CopyStorm database and can be browsed using CopyStorm/Medic (or any other tool you choose).

If CopyStorm encountered an error during the backup job, errors will be listed below this summary table:

If CopyStorm fails before any backup can be attempted, a notification email like the following will be sent. In this example the password for Salesforce was incorrect in the CopyStorm configuration file.