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Permission Checker

The CopyStorm/Medic Permission Checker will find Salesforce tables and fields that are visible using the Salesforce metadata API but are not visible for backup using the current Salesforce credentials.

It is a common misconception that a member of the Salesforce Administrator group can see all table and fields in a Salesforce instance. In practice, there are even many standard Salesforce fields that a Salesforce Administrator cannot view by default. The Permission Checker helps you find these tables and fields.

Running the Permission Checker in a GUI

Running the Permission Checker involves clicking on a single button – Start Scanning Metadata.

Do not be alarmed when you find a lot of fields that are not visible to a Salesforce Administrator. Most likely you are not using them in your instance.

Running Permission Checker as a Batch Job

The Permission Check cannot be run as a batch job. Only the GUI interface is supported.


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