Database Indexing

The Database Indexing Configuration Editor is used to enable or disable automatic database index creation.

Parameter Name Default Setting Required Description
Create Indexes Checked No If checked, CopyStorm will create database indexes for each reference field. Enabling index creation will significantly improve the table join speed in larger databases.

Note that an index is always created on each table’s “timestamp” column.

Create Indexes Early Checked No If checked then CopyStorm will create indexes on Salesforce reference fields when a table is initially created. If not checked then reference field indexes will be created after the first backup of a table. This option can avoid a long delay or timeout when indexes are originally created on tables with many rows.
Create IsDeleted Index Checked No If checked then CopyStorm will create an index on the fields (IsDeleted, SystemModstamp).
Rebuild Timestamp Index Unchecked No If checked, the index on the SystemModstamp column will be rebuild if enough new records are inserted. In some database configurations, this can increase performance dramatically.