How to Fix Index and Column Creation Timeouts

When CopyStorm adds a new column to an existing database table or indexes a new column the operation may have timeout issues if the table has a large number rows. This article describes how to solve this problem by increasing the amount of time CopyStorm will wait for a DDL operation to complete.

The parameter that controls how long CopyStorm will wait for an ALTER TABLE ADD/ALTER COLUMN, CREATE INDEX, or any other DDL type operation is hidden in the CopyStorm Internal Parameters dialog found in the Misc Options section on the Advanced Tab.

Step 1: Open the Internal Parameters Dialog

Step 2: Set the DDL Timeout Parameter

The default DDL Timeout Parameter is 3600 seconds so set the value to a much larger value.

Step 3: Start the CopyStorm Copy

CopyStorm will pick up the new DDL timeout value without a restart.