How Many API Calls Does CopyStorm Use?

In general, CopyStorm uses the minimal number of API calls possible to do a backup.

Detailed information can be found in this table:

Phase Number of Transactions Description
Bootstrap 3 There are several operations that take place each time CopyStorm connects to Salesforce:

  • Find the name of all visible tables in Salesforce (1 API Call)
  • Cache the definition of the User and Profile tables (1 API Call)
  • Read the User record for the current User (1 API Call)
Setup 3 In this step CopyStorm reads Salesforce table definitions for all tables being backed up. By default it takes a single API call per 100 tables.
Backup 1 * Number of Tables CopyStorm uses at least 1 API call for each Salesforce table in the backup set. If there are no records to be backed up or if there are fewer than 2000 records to be backed up then this is the only API call used.

The number of records that can be read per API call varies by table in Salesforce. For most tables, between 1000 and 2000 can be returned for each API call. However, there are a few tables that return a single record per API call. This includes:

  • Attachment
  • ContentVersion
  • EventLogFile

The general Salesforce rule is to expect 1 record per API call if a record contains a BASE64 column (e.g. a CLOB / File Data).

For example:

A frequent incremental CopyStorm backup of 100 tables that includes Attachments would usually take a number of API calls equal to:

  • 3 + 3 + 99 + The Number of Changed Attachments