Help! CopyStorm Cannot Get a License!

When CopyStorm runs it tries to find a license on the local machine. If a valid license is not found then it requests one from

If CopyStorm cannot get a license and fails with an error like “Connection Refused” then your firewall is blocking access to

There are two common solutions to this problem:

Solution 1: Set Proxy Parameters

If your browser is using a proxy to connect to the internet then CopyStorm may have to use the same proxy. See this page for help setting proxy parameters.

Solution 2: Open Firewall Access to

If your company firewall is blocking access to, the problem can be fixed by asking your network staff to open port 443 to (

Solution 3: Verify Installation of CapstormCustomerKey.txt

If the CapstormCustomerKey.txt file is not installed correctly, move the file to a supported installation location.

In All Cases…

In all cases the connection to the Capstorm license server can be validated by following the instructions on this page.

If your organization will not allow communication with, the solution is to send an email to with the following information and we will email you a license file:

  • Product Name
  • Product Version
  • IP Address of your computer
  • Salesforce Org Id