CopyStorm 9.47.1

Release Date: 06-Dec-2019

This is a  minor feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

06-Dec-19 Original Release
12-Dec-19 Exposed variables for managing SOQL LIMIT variance calculations to get around a unusual issue introduced by Salesforce. LIMIT variance parameters control how CopyStorm determines there are no more records in a table to read.
16-Dec-19 IMPORTANT: We discover an error (Oracle Only) that could cause excessive records to be scanned if a backup of a table was interrupted and resumed or if the “Optimize Timestamps” option was disabled. All data is still backed up but more than the minimal API calls can be issued.
02-Jan-20 Fix two issue when backing up images:

  • Images in deleted records are not accessible via the API.
  • Salesforce creates an inaccessible User.PhotoUrl value for the the default chatter user in scratch orgs.
14-Jan-20 Add guard code for  new Salesforce “feature” which will sometimes return 0 records for a SOQL statement even though multiple records match the predicate. Though we have not been able to reproduce this error in our labs, we have seen it at customer sites several times. The net effect is that CopyStorm thinks it has read all records in a table when there are more records available. For existing CopyStorm installations, unchecking the Optimize Timestamps on the Internal Parameters dialog will work around the issue.
20-Jan-20 Limited roll-out of new Attachment performance code (10-20x performance boost but not enabled by default). Tune the SOQL query termination parameters to reflect a better understanding of Salesforces LIMIT behavior changes.

Upgrade to Winter’20 Salesforce API

The Winter’20 API update (also known as 47.0) should be a non-event for CopyStorm.  This update was made because we like to stay current, and very few changes were made to Salesforce that were not already backed up using the Summer ’19 API.

Add Support for In-Line and URL Image Backup

Salesforce images embedded in Rich Text and  URL fields are now backed up to CopyStorm. Previously just the URL to the Salesforce image store was backed up (but not the image content).  The primary impact is for Salesforce migrations because this enables CopyStorm/Restore to completely restore these Rich Test fields to an unrelated Salesforce instance.   It was a bit tricky to get this to work and we will post a blog entry soon on how it was done.

Upgrade to the Archive Query Generator

The upgrade improves the speed of queries for common filtering cases.  There is no difference in the archive UI.

Backup All Metadata Feature

A new option on the metadata selection dialog supports the selection of all metadata — including future additions by Salesforce.