CopyStorm 9.44.1

Release Date: 18-Mar-2019

This is a  major feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

18-Mar-19 Original Release

Upgrade to Salesforce API 44 (Winter 18).

Normally Capstorm upgrades API versions once per year in early Summer. During the beta testing of the Spring’19 release we noticed that a number of upcoming features were bleeding into older versions of Salesforce APIs. Upgrading CopyStorm to Winter 18 avoids every API bleed thru case we have seen.  Other than seeing a few more tables show up in a backup and a handful of new Salesforce columns, most customers will not even notice the API update.

Add New Archive Subsystem

The new archive subsystems supports archival of records on demand or automatically based on flexible rules specified by a user. Possibly the most important archive is built into the system — the Default Recycle Bin. The Default Recycle Bin supports an unlimited depth recycle bin where the record retention time can be controlled on a individual table basis. For more information about this exciting new subsystem see:

Oracle VARCHAR2 Optimization

CopyStorm now recognizes the NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS setting and will set the length of VARCHAR2 columns appropriately rather than assuming the the length semantics are set to BYTE.

Enable Attachment Streaming in PostgreSQL

CopyStorm now supports streaming file content to PostgreSQL, reducing memory requirements when backing up large Attachments.

Suppress Attachment Error Reporting When Switching from REST to SOAP

If CopyStorm encounters a HTTP error when downloading Attachment file content via REST, it will automatically retry using SOAP and, if the SOAP download is successful, not report the error encountered when downloading with REST.

Switch to the OpenJDK JRE for Windows

The JRE packaged with the Windows version of CopyStorm has changed to OpenJDK. The only change you may notice that the Windows distribution is considerably smaller. If you are interested why, google the new licensing restrictions Oracle recently added to their non-open source version of the JRE.  Note: Capstorm now uses the JRE built and maintained by Amazon (see:

Make It Obvious that SOAP is Preferred to REST

Though CopyStorm supports the SOAP, REST, and BULK APIs, we have found that SOAP is usually the best API (e.g. fastest) to use. We changed the CopyStorm GUI to point out that SOAP API is preferred because we have noticed that customers were often checking the Rest API checkbox.