CopyStorm 8.42.3

Release Date: 04-Sep-2018

This is a  minor feature and bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

03-Sep-18 Original Release
06-Sep-18 Code around new undocumented Salesforce table AccountUserTerritory2View.
Set default timeout parameters when sending email.
25-Sep-18 Upgrade all JDBC Drivers to current vendor versions.

Improve Backup of Salesforce Metadata

A number of improvements were made to the backup of Salesforce metadata.

  • A Profile record now includes all related field permission information.
  • A PermissionSet record now includes all related field permission information.
  • ObjectTranslation records include translations for all fields (include standard fields).
  • Profile tab visibility settings are now saved for standard Salesforce objects.

Add Feature to Specific Database Schema from the Command Line

The new command line switch, -dbschema, allows the target database schema to be specified from the command line.

Database Timeout Control

Configuration of various database timeout defaults can be configured for target databases. This has been true for many releases except for SQL/Server. This class of parameters has always be setable  as part of a connection string.

Use VARCHAR VARYING for TEXT Columns in PostgreSQL

Though VARCHAR VARYING and TEXT column types are equivalent in PostgreSQL,  using VARCHAR VARYING has compatibility advantages when using Amazon/Redshift.

Upgrade Data Tracked in CopyForceFieldHistory

Two new columns have been added to CopyForceFieldHistory

  • LastModifiedById — the last modified id on the corresponding record just before the field was modified.
  • LastModifiedDate — the date on the corresponding record just before the field was modified.

While new CopyStorm database will get these fields automatically, the must be added manually to existing CopyForceFieldHistory tables via two statements like:

  • ALTER TABLE CopyForceFieldHistory ADD COLUMN lastModifiedById CHAR(18) NULL;
  • ALTER TABLE CopyForceFieldHistory ADD COLUMN lastModifiedDate TIMESTAMP  NULL;

The application is not upgrading existing CopyForceFieldHistory tables automatically because of the considerable time this may take in MySQL.

Upgrade CopyStorm Job Statistics

Additional statistics are recorded for each CopyStorm job.

  • nDeleted — total number of records deleted
  • nFieldHistory — total number of field history records created
  • nArchived — total number of records archived.

The same statistics are kept on a per table basis in CopyForceJobTable.

Oracle Index Upgrade

Upgrade Oracle to build index online and add the option to use parallelism to speed index builds.


Support longer Oracle VARCHAR2 columns when the MAX_STRING_SIZE parameter is set.

Upgrade Notification Email

Notification emails now include tables where records were deleted but no records were inserted or updated.

Add a Few New Articles

Actually quite a few new articles have appeared since the last releases. Highlights include:

Update Database Drivers

Database JDBC drivers have been upgraded to the current version of all vendors. This is a task we typcially do once per year.