CopyStorm Release Notes 8.42.2

Release Date: 25-Jul-2018

This is a  minor feature and  bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

25-Jul-18 Original Release

Require Java 8

Until this release CopyStorm was built with Java 7 capability though the Windows version was distributed a with Java 8 runtime. Java 7 end of life was in April 2015 and no public updates issued since this date. Java 8 is the current long term supported version and many of the database vendors we use now require Java 8 to use their supplied driver libraries. Since all Linux release default to Java 8 (or higher — mostly higher) the impact on customer should be minor.

Support Managing Credentials in an External Key Store

Salesforce credentials can now be managed in an external key store instead of being encrypted in a .copyStorm configuration. CopyStorm ships with a reference implementation of this feature using Keepass (the popular open source credentials store). The CopyStorm key store feature is implemented as a plugin designed to accept any key store. For example, several customers have added a Vault implementation.

Fix a Concurrency Related Table Creation Issue with Oracle

If CopyStorm on an Oracle with a 30 character identified limit encounter many tables in a row with the same first 30 characters then the creation of some tables could fail. CopyStorm would recover on subsequent runs. The error was related to how CopyStorm determines unique names for table names with longer than 30 characters.

Add Support for ContentDocumentLink

If you want a laugh, look at the SOQL query restrictions for ContentDocumentLink. It is a hard table to incrementally backup accurately. Adding this table allows CopyStorm/Restore to successfully restore Attachments stored as Files.

Fix a Problem with SQL/Server Encrypted Columns

There was a bug with null value columns on SQL/Server when using SQL/Server’s native column based encryption. Few sites must use this feature since the bug reported an exception and we have seen it in the field exactly one time.

Record CreatedDate and ModifiedDate in CopyStorm MetaData Tables

The CopyStorm meta data related tables CopyForceTable, CopyForceTableField, and CopyForceTableChildRelat, now include columns that track record creation and modified dates. When this feature self-installs the initial values for the columns will be the current UTC timestamp.

Add New Command Line Switches

Two new command line switches were added:

  • -schema name  — set the default schema for the database.
  • -config directoryName — set the directory in which site specific specific xml configuration files are stored.

Create Indexes on External Id Fields

CopyStorm will now automatically created indexes on any Salesforce field marked as an External Id.

Recognized When Oracle Supports Identifiers >30 Character in Length

When an Oracle database that supports long identifier names is detected, table and column names will not be truncated to 30 characters.

Upgrade to the Latest SQL/Server JDBC Driver

This is a yearly task performed for every database type supported by Capstorm.