CopyStorm 8.37.4

Release Date: 6-Jun-2017

This is a performance, feature, and bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

07-Jun-17 Original Release
09-Jun-17  CSTORM-280: Fix problem with UTF-8 handling in REST mode that only occurs on Windows.

Support Parallel Backup of up to 10 Salesforce Tables

This release introduces the ability to  backup up to 10 Salesforce tables at the same time. This feature is enabled by entering a value in the “# Salesforce Threads” parameter on the “Advanced” tab in the “Network Parameters” area and may significantly reduce the amount of time required for a backup (of course it also increases the memory requirements for CopyStorm).  The optimal value for your organization is based on the speed of your connection to Salesforce, the thru-put capabilities of your target database, and the typical workload on your Salesforce instance. Note that there are Salesforce governor limits to the number of active queries both on a per user level and for an organization — if you exceed them CopyStorm will quietly recover and reestablish broken connections but your other applications may not be so fault tolerant. We have commonly seen a sustained rate of over 10 million records per hour using 10 threads and with selected narrow tables we have seen over 42 million recoreds per hour.

Add Backup Timestamp Columns to Newly Created Tables

CopyStorm will automatically add two timestamp columns to any table it creates.

  • BackupCreatedDate will contain the UTC time when the record was inserted into the table by CopyStorm.
  • BackupModifiedDate will contain the UTC time when the record was last updated by CopyStorm.

Existing CopyStorm created tables are not effected. However, if a site drops or tells CopyStorm to rebuild a table then the new columns will be added.