CopyStorm 7.37.12, 7.34.12

Release Date: 23-Sep-2016

This minor feature and bug fix release..

Add Support for VARCHAR2 Columns in Oracle

This supports using VARCHAR2 column types (rather than NVARCHAR2) in Oracle instances that use a UTF8 or AL23UTF8 character set. This feature is enabled by unchecking the “Use NVARCHAR2” option on the advanced tab. Note: When enabled, create/modified string columns will have four times their declared length in Salesforce. This is because VARCHAR2 width is measured in bytes and Salesforce strings are measures in UTF8 characters. The maximum width of a UTF8 character is four bytes — thus the 4x mutiplier for Oracle VARCHAR2 columns.

Make MySQL Less Hands On on Column ADD/MODIFY Operations

This feature only applies to MySQL. Since MySQL limits the declared width of a table row, adding a new column to Salesforce can cause a table’s declared width to exceed the maximum size allowed by MySQL. In this version, CopyStorm will alter the widest existing VARCHAR columns in a table until there is enough room for a new (or altered) column.  In practice, the only thing CopyStorm/MySQL customers may notice is that modifications on their Salesforce tables rarely throw exceptions any more.

Recognize LEVEL as a Reserved Word in Oracle

Salesforce uses the reserved word LEVEL for a column name in the table DataCloudContact. CopyStorm now recognizes this and uses LEVEL2 instead for the column name.

Always Store Passwords in an Encrypted Format

CopyStorm now always stores passwords in an encrypted form even when a CopyStorm configuration file is saved in XML format. If a user wants to store a plain-text password, a configuration file can be modified manually in an editor. Any existing configuration files are uneffected and will continue to work.

Change Behavior When CopyStorm is Launched With -debug

When CopyStorm is launched with the -debug flag a DOS window that displays debugging and trace information will be displayed.

Display Remaining Time and Percent Complete When in GUI Mode

When CopyStorm is launched in GUI mode, the application will now displayed the estimated time remaining on each time and the percentage of the total # of records copied. This is accomplished by running a SELECT COUNT() on each table before fetching row data and has the fortunate side-effect of decreasing the probability that subsequent SELECT statements on the table will time-out (even when the SELECT COUNT() statement times-out).

Display Configuration File Search Locations When in Debug Mode

When CopyStorm is launched with the -debug flag the locations searched for configuration files will be written to the log. This feature is helpful when it appears that a custom configuration file is not being loaded by CopyStorm.

Detect a Case Where the Salesforce API Does Not Respond

If Salesforce failed to respond (completely) to a request then CopyStorm could hang. This condition is now detected and CopyStorm treats it exactly like a QUERY_TIMEOUT response.