CopyStorm 7.34.2, 7.31.2

Release Date:  Sep 18, 2015

This release is a bit early because of a bug introduced in the Salesforce Winter’16 sandbox environment.  If the bug is not fixed by Winter’15 GA then all CopyStorm for Oracle customers must upgrade.

Work Around a Winter’16 API Bug

When the Winter’16 Sandboxes beceame available our customers reported a problem copying the table SearchLayout.  The core problem is that the Summer’15 Salesforce API is returning data types for SearchLayout that are not defined in the Summer’15 WDSL. The problem only occurs when an application based on Summer’15 (like the most recent CopyStorm release) is used with a Winter’16 sandbox. The problem has been reported to Salesforce using several channels but has not been resolved as of 18-Sep-2015. This point release knows about the bug and codes around it.

  • CopyStorm/Oracle customers must upgrade if they are runnning a 7.34.1 version.
  • Other CopyStorm 7.34.1 versions can get around the problem by including SearchLayout in the table exclusion list on the CopyStorm advanced options tab.

Upgrade Core Salesforce API LIbraries to Version 34.2 (the most recent verson for the Summer’15 protocol)

This update is not expected to effect CopyStorm customers. It is just part of Capstorm’s normal update cycle.

Add Advanced Option for Force a Rebuld of All Tables

The new “Force Rebuild” option on the advanced tab forces CopyStorm to drop and rebuild each table in the selection list. This feature was added by request of several customers.

Fix an Advanced Options GUI Resize Bug

On lower resolution screens the CopyStorm Advanced tab would resize the “Select Tables” area to a height of just a few pixels.

Eliminate the Pesky “Blank DOS Window” When CopyStorm Starts in GUI Mode

The CopyStorm start up script has been adjusted to recognize when the applicatin is running in GUI mode. The “Blank DOS WIndow” no longer appears.

Upgrade Web Encryption Selection to Avoid the POODLE Bug

Early next spring Salesforce will discontinue support for TLS 1.0 as an encryption method. This release ensures that CopyStorm selects a method that will be suppored by Salesforce after next spring.

Upgrade Embedded Java to Version 8

On Windows, the Java JRE distributed with CopyStorm is now Java 8. Systems using Java 7 will still work fine. This is  part of Capstorm’s normal update cycle.