CopyStorm 7.34.1, 7.31.1

Release Date:  Aug 10, 2015

This the annual major CopyStom release that upgrades support to the most current Salesforce API protocol. It is for all supported databases and includes the following feature updates and bug fixes.

Upgrade to Salesforce Protocol Summer’15 (version 34)

The 7.34.* version of CopyStorm was added to support the Salesforce Summer’15 API protocol. Previous protocols are still supported (Summer’14 and Summer’13) but Summer’13 is now in maintanence mode. The only changes a customer should see when upgrading to the Summer’15 protocol is the ability to backup new tables and columns added by Salesforce since the Summer’14 protocol was introduced.

Log CopyStorm Activity in New CopyStorm Database Tables

CopyStorm now logs activity that occurs during every CopyStorm run into three new tables. This is a feature requested by many customers. The new tables are automatically created and managed by CopyStorm.

  • CopyForceJob — top level information about each job.
  • CopyForceJobTable — information about each table that was updated during a CopyStorm job.
  • CopyForceJobException — details about any exceptions that occurred during a CopyStorm job.

A new CopyStorm/Medic tool, Job Manager, has also been added to support searching, management, and exporting of job status information.

For more information see:

Fix a Bug with Using DELETE/INSERT to Perform Updates

Some databases can modify records using a DELETE/INSERT significantly faster that an UPDATE statement when all fields are being updates. To gain a performance boost, CopyStorm optionally support performing UPDATE operations using INSERT/DELETE. In previous versions, the DELETE operation was not in the same transaction as the INSERT operation. It was possible (but unlikely) for the DELETE operation to succeed
and the INSERT operation to fail. Both operations are now performed in the same transaction and will either both succeed for both fail.

Fix a Bug In PostgreSQL When Indexed Reference Columns are Deleted

In previous versions CopyStorm threw an exception if an indexed reference column was deleted and the “Keep Deleted Columns” option was not enabled. The bug has been present for a number releases and never reported — mostly likely because dropping a reference column is a pretty unusual activity. In previous versions to work-around is to drop the index by hand or drop the table and let CopyStorm rebuild it. The bug has been fixed in this version.